Embodied Engineering

With „Embodied Engineering“ we indicate the potential that intuitive interaction with products and machinery in virtual environments holds for engineers.

Our Virtual Reality Solutions make it possible to e.g. evaluate facilities and manufacturing processes in context, create mockups of new assembly stations and communicate over iterative versions of the factory plan.

Examples for applications fields
  • Production planning
  • Ergonomics of the assembly
  • Product validation
  • Design collaboration
  • Instruction and training
  • Spatial understanding
  • Ergonomic assembly stations
  • Up-front experience of processes
  • Fewer prototypes
  • Version-controlled planning
  • Common understanding
  • World-wide collaboration
  • Ongoing iteration

We develop industrial VR applications to experience and optimise complex working processes.

With Embodied Engineering we make sure that distributed assembly between humans and machines can be optimally designed.