Embodied Engineering

Embodied engineering is a scientifically and practically grounded vision, which provides the natural and easy interaction layer between the user and the virtual engineering content.

Our virtual reality solutions make it possible to evaluate through experience facilities and manufacturing processes in context, create mockups of new assembly stations in short time and communicate the problems and solutions in the way everybody imidiedly understands them.

Our Products


Rapidly create milimeter-precise and at scale assembly station mock ups from boxes and experience them together in virtual reality.

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Bring your 3D & CAD models directly from your existing 3D-software in the Virtual Reality and experience your digital plans in Virtual Reality by the use of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard - within seconds & without training

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  • Spatial understanding
  • Up-front experience of processes
  • Common understanding

Supported by the European Union and the state of Lower Saxony

With the project VRFlow Suite we lay the ground work for our Embodied Engineering applications. We are working in collaboration with Osnabrück University and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences to explore Virtual Reality interaction patterns that provide a most intuitive and immersive working experience for our diverse target group.


In der medizinisch-therapeutischen Forschung wurden diverse Anwendungsbeispiele für VR mit großem Erfolg erprobt, im alltäglichen Einsatz kommen sie bisher nur vereinzelt vor. Mit unserem Projekt „Virtual Reality for Pain Therapy“ (VIREP) betreiben wir Wissenstransfer und entwickeln gemeinsam mit vier Partnerunternehmen eine praxistaugliche VR-Anwendung für Patienten mit chronischen Rückenschmerzen. Die Anwendung ermöglicht ein Bewegungstraining in alltagsnahen Umgebungen, wobei das Schmerzverständnis und -management im Vordergrund steht. So wird bspw. die Gemüseernte im virtuellen Garten durch fein gesteuerte Störeinflüsse für das Coaching von Achtsamkeit im Alltag herangezogen.


With BOXPLAN you will experience the mock ups of your assembly stations at scale in virtual reality: The editor mode allows you to create an abstract 3D sketch in minutes with both of your hands. After loading the sketch in interactive mode production planners experience their concepts together with workers, logisticans, product engineers and managers. Furthermore we are planning a mode that makes the definition of an assembly process simple in virtual reality. For our closed beta we are looking for more partners from the manufacturing industries interested in contributing their requirements and knowledge to our development process. Furthermore we are always excited to hear which features you would need to get maximum value out of BOXPLAN, and will keep you informed with our newsletter if you want to test the product when it is ready for a full release.

  • Shared experiences simplify communication
  • Start planning with humans in focus
  • Create individual assembly stations in minutes
  • True spatial understanding at all times
  • Precise modelling without CAD knowledge